The Heart of the Wild: Essays on Nature, Conservation, and the Human Future

    Contributions by
  • Bill Adams
  • Joel Berger
  • Susan Clayton
  • Eileen Crist
  • Martha L. Crump
  • Thomas Lowe Fleischner
  • Harry W. Greene
  • Hal Herzog
  • Emma Marris
  • Kathleen Dean Moore
  • Gary Paul Nabhan
  • Peter H. Raven
  • Christopher J. Schell
  • Richard Shine
  • Kyle Whyte

Timely and provocative reflections on the future of the wild in an increasingly human world


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Aug 13, 2024
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The Heart of the Wild brings together some of today’s leading scientists, humanists, and nature writers to offer a thought-provoking meditation on the urgency of learning about and experiencing our wild places in an age of rapidly expanding human impacts.

These engaging essays present nuanced and often surprising perspectives on the meaning and value of “wildness” amid the realities of the Anthropocene. They consider the trends and forces—from the cultural and conceptual to the ecological and technological—that are transforming our relationship with the natural world and sometimes seem only to be pulling us farther away from wild places and species with each passing day. The contributors make impassioned defenses of naturalism, natural history, and nature education in helping us to rediscover a love for the wild at a time when our connections with it have frayed or been lost altogether.

Charting a new path forward in an era of ecological uncertainty, The Heart of the Wild reframes our understanding of nature and our responsibility to learn from and sustain it as the human footprint sinks ever deeper into the landscapes around us.

With contributions by Bill Adams, Joel Berger, Susan Clayton, Eileen Crist, Martha L. Crump, Thomas Lowe Fleischner, Harry W. Greene, Hal Herzog, Jonathan B. Losos, Emma Marris, Ben A. Minteer, Kathleen Dean Moore, Gary Paul Nabhan, Peter H. Raven, Christopher J. Schell, Richard Shine, and Kyle Whyte.