Seeds of Amazonian Plants


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Jul 6, 2010
750 color illus.
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Seeds of Amazonian Plants is the first field guide to treat the extraordinary diversity of seeds and diaspores of plants commonly encountered in the Amazon and other lowland moist forests of the American tropics. This stunningly illustrated guide features an easy-to-use whole-plant approach to seed identification that provides detailed descriptions not only of the seeds but also of the habit, trunk, bark, leaves, infructescence, and fruit of Amazonian plants, as well as information about the known uses and distribution of each genus. Presenting these descriptions together with 750 full-color photos and a unique identification key, this premier field guide enables users to identify seeds of 544 genera and 131 families of plants.

  • The most comprehensive field guide to Amazonian seeds

  • Features 750 full-color photos that make identification easy

  • Covers 544 genera and 131 families of Amazonian plants

  • Describes seeds, habit, trunk, bark, leaves, infructescence, and fruit

  • Includes unique seed identification key

  • Compact, portable, and beautifully illustrated—the ideal field guide