Princeton Nature

Britain's Orchids


Aug 21, 2004
6 x 8.5 in.
60 color plates.
Princeton Nature
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Featuring 60 superb color plates, this is an easy-to-use photographic identification guide to the 51 orchid species native to Britain and Ireland, including their various forms, and 9 species of uncertain provenance. The text includes key identification information, flowering and germination times, and differences between similar species and subspecies. Color distribution maps show where each species has been seen in the past 25 years, while the accompanying text indicates its current location.

  • A comprehensive photographic guide to the orchids of Britain and Ireland, covering the 51 species recorded, including all the varieties and subspecies, as well as 9 species of uncertain or doubtful provenance

  • Contains 60 stunning color plates that show the whole plant and close-up views of flower spikes and individual florets

  • Each species account covers the identification of the plant, highlighting potentially confusing species. Where appropriate, details are given of the hybrids recorded and a summary of the taxonomic status. The species accounts also include information on habitat requirements, pollination, and conservation. Color distribution maps and a summary of the flowering period(s) accompany the text for each species.

  • Additional illustrated sections cover orchid biology and ecology, protection, conservation, and hybrids

  • The innovative, easy-to-use format aims to help the orchid enthusiast, whether beginner or expert, to identify any species they encounter