Princeton Nature

British and Irish Wild Flowers and Plants: A Pocket Guide

A highly illustrated and portable identification guide to the most common wild flowers and other plants


Published (US):
Jul 16, 2024
Published (UK):
Mar 12, 2024
4.5 x 7 in.
2,000 color photos.
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This innovative photographic guide covers the most common wild flowers and other plants found in Great Britain and Ireland, as defined by the very latest distribution maps. It is designed so that anyone faced with an unfamiliar wild plant can confidently put a name to the species or recognise that it is a less common plant needing further investigation. The identification process is based on standard botanical features that are straightforwardly described, clearly illustrated and supported by a simple visual key to families. This book can be your springboard into the wider world of botanical identification, wherever you are, and of plants both common and rare.

  • Covers the plants most likely to be seen, including those in coastal areas
  • Includes more than 1,000 colour photographs, with macro images of key features when needed
  • Features a friendly, easy-to-use design and text written in plain English, with essential botanical terms described and illustrated

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