Princeton Nature

Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi Second Edition

    Illustrated by
  • John Gale
  • Brian E. Small

A fully revised and updated new edition of the award-winning, bestselling field guide to East African birds


Dec 8, 2020
5.37 x 8.37 in.
289 color plates comprising 3,500 images., 1448 maps
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Birds of East Africa is widely regarded as one of the best field guides to any region of the world. Named a BirdTwitch Best Bird Book of the year for Africa when it was first published, it has become the go-to guide for anyone visiting this spectacular birding region, which is home to a remarkably diverse and colorful birdlife. Now this indispensable guide has been fully revised and updated to make it even better. Featuring revised text and distribution maps, the latest taxonomy, and much more, this comprehensive but compact guide describes and illustrates 1,448 species—all the resident, migrant, and vagrant birds of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi—in convenient facing-page layout. Featuring 289 color plates with more than 3,500 painstakingly rendered images, the guide depicts all the plumages and major races likely to be encountered. Introductory sections include information on conservation and where to send records, as well as maps of important bird areas. More than ever, this is the must-have guide for birding in East Africa.

  • The standard field guide to the birds of East Africa—now fully revised and updated
  • New edition features revised text and distribution maps, the latest taxonomy, and much more
  • Covers all 1,448 regularly occurring species, with more than 3,500 images on 289 color plates
  • Features concise, facing-page species accounts that cover identification features, status, range, habits, and voice
  • More than ever, the must-have guide for birding in East Africa