Princeton Nature

Bird Photographer of the Year: Collection 9

    Foreword by
  • Simon King

A stunningly illustrated celebration of the world’s best bird photography


Sep 24, 2024
11.25 x 9 in.
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The Bird Photographer of the Year is a competition that celebrates the artistry of bird photography from around the world, and this beautiful, large-format book showcases the best images from the contest—some of the most stunning bird photographs ever taken. A gorgeous record of avian beauty and diversity across the globe, the book demonstrates the dedication and passion of bird photographers and the incredible quality of today’s digital imaging systems.

The book features the best of tens of thousands of images from the ninth year of the competition, including the winning and short-listed pictures. It presents a vast variety of photos by experienced professionals and enthusiastic amateurs, reflecting the huge diversity of bird and nature lovers, which is vital for ensuring the conservation and survival of birds. A portion of the profits from this book goes to Birds on the Brink, a charity that supports bird conservation around the world.

Filled with unforgettable images of a kind that simply weren’t possible before the creation of digital photography, this book will delight anyone who loves birds or great photography.