Princeton Nature

Field Guide to the Birds of Chile

    Illustrated by
  • Daniel E. Martínez Piña

A comprehensive and authoritative illustrated guide to all of Chile’s birds


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Apr 13, 2021
5.25 x 8.5 in.
89 color plates.
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With its diverse range of habitats, Chile boasts a remarkable variety of breeding and visiting birds, from penguins to hummingbirds, making the country one of South America’s top birding destinations. From the Chilean Tinamou and Juan Fernandez Firecrown to the Magellanic woodpecker, this comprehensive and authoritative field guide covers every one of Chile’s 468 recorded species, including vagrants. All are illustrated in superb detail in 89 color plates, which feature every major plumage variation. Concise, facing-page species accounts describe key identification features, status, range, habitat, and voice, and accurate distribution maps are also provided for every species. The result is an essential field guide to the birds of this fascinating and beautiful country.

  • Covers all 468 species recorded in Chile, including vagrants
  • Features 89 color plates illustrating every species, with text and distribution maps on facing pages for quick and easy reference
  • Includes concise species accounts describing key identification features, status, range, habitat, and voice