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Greek Sculpture in The Art Museum, Princeton University: Greek Originals, Roman Copies and Variants


Jul 3, 1994
9.5 x 11 in.
8 color + 96 b/w illus.
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From its foundation in 1888, The Art Museum, Princeton University, has amassed an impressive collection of ancient Greek sculpture, which, along with the museum’s other collections of ancient art, has long played an integral role in the training of art historians and archaeologists. This book is a comprehensive catalog of The Art Museum’s ancient Greek sculpture. Here a team of scholars headed by Brunilde Ridgway thoroughly documents each of the forty pieces that constitute this broad and diverse collection. The collection includes gravestones, votive reliefs, and portraits of poets, playwrights, and philosophers, as well as representations of gods and goddesses, satyrs, centaurs, nymphs, and sphinxes. The resulting catalog will be a valuable tool to anyone wishing to learn about the world of ancient Greece.

The catalog covers both original works of Greek stone sculpture as well as Roman sculptures that copy or owe their inspiration to earlier Greek works. Photographs of each piece are accompanied by information on dating, provenance, material, dimensions, and condition and by a detailed description and an analysis placing the piece in its artistic and historical contexts.