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Sea Anemones and Corals of Britain and Ireland


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Jul 26, 2013
5.88 x 8.25 in.
200+ color photographs
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The cool temperate waters around Britain and Ireland contain a huge variety of marine life and the sea anemones and corals, the Anthozoa, are some of the brightest and most attractive of all the groups of animals that live in them. Anemones and corals can be found from rockpools to the deepest depths and in all habitats from rocky reefs to soft mud.
This is the second edition of this popular guide to all 74 of the sea anemones and corals found in British and Irish inshore waters. It will be an essential companion for divers, rockpoolers and students who want to identify the sea anemones and corals they find and know more about them.

  • Information on identification of 74 species, including their key features and other species with which they could be confused
  • Illustrated with over 200 photographs taken in situ showing the animals as they look in real life
  • Habitat, distribution, depth, size, rarity and conservation status for each species where known
  • Information and photographs of other animals that prey on or live with sea anemones and corals
  • Details of body structure, feeding and reproduction, illustrated with photographs and drawings
  • Information about recent research on populations of sea anemones and corals carried out by Seasearch volunteer divers
  • A summary of conservation issues for sea anemones and corals in Britain and Ireland