Princeton Nature

Sharkpedia: A Brief Compendium of Shark Lore

    Illustrated by
  • Marc Dando

A fun, pocket-size A–Z treasury about sharks, featuring fascinating, little-known facts and captivating illustrations


May 28, 2024
4.5 x 6.75 in.
50 b/w illus.
Princeton Nature
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Sharkpedia is an entertaining and enlightening celebration of sharks featuring close to 100 entries, based on the latest knowledge and enriched by original illustrations. Avoiding tired factoids, shark authority Daniel Abel gives new bite to essential information about sharks, including their adaptations as top predators, 450-million-year evolution, behavioral complexity, ecological importance, existential threats, and often sensationalized appearances in popular culture, from Jaws to Shark Week.

The notion that sharks are insatiable killing machines is a toothless myth—yet the fear of shark attacks still holds on to many people like a set of locked jaws. Sharkpedia reveals that sharks are much less to be feared—and much more interesting, complicated, and important—than many realize. Filled with compelling stories, Sharkpedia debunks shark myths (for example, that sharks are large and coastal when in fact most are small and inhabit the deep sea), describes their lives (where and how long they live, how many offspring they have, what they eat, and how their bodies function), introduces a variety of iconic and obscure species (such as the Happy Eddie Shyshark), explores our love/hate relationship with sharks, and much more.

With charming drawings by leading shark artist Marc Dando, Sharkpedia is a scientific and cultural treasure trove that will leave you with new insights about these remarkable animals. Dive in!

  • Features a cloth cover with an elaborate foil-stamped design