Art & Architecture

Representation: Discourse, A Series on Architecture

    Contributions by
  • Milton S.F. Curry
  • John Cooper
  • Preston Scott Cohen
  • Elizabeth Diller
  • Bernhard Siegert
  • Philip Ursprung
  • Jaffer Kolb
  • Mabel O. Wilson
  • Mari Lending
  • Zulaikha Ayub


Dec 25, 2040
8.5 x 9.75 in.
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Representation considers the cultural value, processes, and semiotics of architectural images. Beyond typical plans, sections, diagrams, and models, architectural representation carries historical and political weight. In the digital age, architectural representation has proliferated. Representation disrupts this exhaustive pace with thoughtful and rigorous investigations of image production in architecture. Contributors explore representation in its many forms of signification, including the instrumentality of drawings and models that anticipate buildings, the representation of buildings and the ideas exemplified in their fragments, and the manner in which buildings embody, reinforce, and promote cultural constructs such as inequity and oppression.

Discourse is a biannual publication series that presents timely themes on and around architecture. A selective compilation of essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, featured exhibitions, photo-essays, and collateral materials—such as architectural models, sketches, and built works—highlight architectural culture, practice, and theory.