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Failures of Forgiveness Failures of Forgiveness: What We Get Wrong and How to Do Better Myisha Cherry

Philosopher Myisha Cherry teaches us the right ways to deal with wrongdoing in our lives and the world

The Darkened Light of Faith The Darkened Light of Faith: Race, Democracy, and Freedom in African American Political Thought Melvin L. Rogers

A powerful new account of what a group of nineteenth- and twentieth-century African American activists, intellectuals, and artists can teach us about democracy

Parfit Parfit: A Philosopher and His Mission to Save Morality David Edmonds

From the bestselling coauthor of Wittgenstein’s Poker, an entertaining and illuminating biography of a brilliant philosopher who tried to rescue morality from nihilism

The Politics of Language The Politics of Language David Beaver and Jason Stanley

A provocative case for the inherently political nature of language

Wonderstruck Wonderstruck: How Wonder and Awe Shape the Way We Think Helen De Cruz

A philosopher explores the transformative role of wonder and awe in an uncertain world

Liberalism as a Way of Life Liberalism as a Way of Life Alexandre Lefebvre

Why liberalism is all you need to lead a good, fun, worthy, and rewarding life—and how you can become a better and happier person by taking your liberal beliefs more seriously

The Weirdness of the World The Weirdness of the World Eric Schwitzgebel

How all philosophical explanations of human consciousness and the fundamental structure of the cosmos are bizarre—and why that’s a good thing

Anxiety Anxiety: A Philosophical Guide Samir Chopra

How philosophy can teach us to be less anxious about being anxious by understanding that it’s an essential part of being human

On Gaslighting On Gaslighting Kate Abramson

A philosopher examines the complicated phenomenon of gaslighting

Night Vision Night Vision: Seeing Ourselves through Dark Moods Mariana Alessandri

A philosopher’s personal meditation on how painful emotions can reveal truths about what it means to be truly human