Virtual Event: Chris Bail at The Booking ClubBreaking the Social Media Prism

The Booking Club podcast normally likes to meet today’s leading authors and commentators at their favourite places to eat and drink.

Suffice to say that while the Covid-19 pandemic has shrunk horizons locally, it has broadened scope for conversations with authors based around the world.

For its first online event, The Booking Club’s host Jack Aldane is speaking to Professor, author and Director of the Polarization Lab at Duke University, Chris Bail.

Professor Bail’s new book, Breaking the Social Media Prism, is a bold attempt to make sense of what is fundamentally wrong with our social media platforms, and how we can fix them.

In addition to discussing and answering audience members’ questions about the book, Professor Bail will share a little about the places he most enjoys dining at, including the place he missed most during quarantine, and which gives him a feeling of release from the virtual realm of which we’ve all had our fill lately.

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Chris Bail is professor of sociology and public policy at Duke University, where he directs the Polarization Lab. He is the author of Terrified: How Anti-Muslim Fringe Organizations Became Mainstream (Princeton). Website Twitter @chris_bail