Listen in: Ice Rivers

Listen in: Ice Rivers

By Jemma Wadham

The ice sheets and glaciers that cover one-tenth of Earth’s land surface are in grave peril. High in the Alps, Andes, and Himalaya, once-indomitable glaciers are retreating, even dying. Meanwhile, in Antarctica, thinning glaciers may be unlocking vast quantities of methane stored for millions of years beneath the ice. In Ice Rivers, renowned glaciologist Jemma Wadham offers a searing personal account of glaciers and the rapidly unfolding crisis that they—and we—face.

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About the Author

Jemma Wadham is professor of glaciology at the University of Bristol and an adjunct professor at UiT Arctic University of Norway. She has led more than twenty-five expeditions to glaciers around the world, from Greenland and Antarctica to the Peruvian Andes and the Himalaya. She has received prestigious awards for her research, including a Philip Leverhulme Prize and a Royal Society Wolfson Award. She lives in Bristol, England. Twitter @jemmawadham