Terry Burnham

Terry Burnham

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Speaker Profile

Terry Burnham is an economist who studies the biological and evolutionary basis of human behavior. Terry has a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University. He is a finance professor at Chapman University and, before that, was a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, the University of Michigan, and the Harvard Business School.

Terry is passionate about equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in college and beyond. As a speaker he shares the experience he has garnered from decades in the classroom and in business. His non-academic experiences include working for Goldman, Sachs & Co., being the President of Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a start-up biotechnology company, and being the director of economics for Acadian Asset Management, an institutional money manager.

He is the author of several books, the most of recent of which is the The Secret Syllabus: A Guide to the Unwritten Rules of College Success (forthcoming from Princeton University Press). He tweets at @TerenceBurnham.