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The Secret Syllabus Forbes Best Higher Education Book

The Secret Syllabus: A Guide to the Unwritten Rules of College Success by Jay Phelan and Terry Burnham received an honorable mention in the list of “Forbes Best Higher Education Book of the Year: “Written in a refreshingly conversational style, this book offers students advice for how to understand what many will encounter as an “alien” culture upon entering college and how to navigate the unwritten rules and expectations that are key to college success” (December 1, 2022). 

The Influencer Industry reviewed in Kirkus

The Influencer Industry: The Quest for Authenticity on Social Media by Emily Hund was reviewed by Kirkus: “A penetrating, well-considered look behind the polished scenes of the influencer industry” (December 1, 2022).

The Genetic Lottery reviewed in The Guardian

Kathryn Paige Harden’s The Genetic Lottery paperback has been reviewed in The Guardian by PD Smith: “A book that is closely argued and packed with compelling scientific and statistical evidence… . this is a fascinating and detailed discussion of how genetic and environmental factors are braided together in all of us, shaping our destinies for good or ill. Harden’s ideas challenge existing orthodoxies, and she is also aware that complex research such as this is often misused. But her passionate commitment to tackling inequality and changing society is not to be doubted” (December 1, 2022).

Doing the Right Thing in INSIGHT into Diversity

Doing the Right Thing: How Colleges and Universities Can Undo Systemic Racism in Faculty Hiring by Marybeth Gasman was included in a list of content to read, watch, and listen to this December by INSIGHT into Diversity (December 1, 2022). 

The Joy of Science awarded Best Science Book of the Year”

Jim Al-Khalili’s The Joy of Science has been selected as a WaterstonesBest Science Book of the Year” by Mark Skinner: “The acclaimed physicist and bestselling author of Quantum: A Guide for the Perplexed delivers a practicable and inspiring approach to navigating life’s uncertainties and controversies” (December 1, 2022) 

You Are Not Expected to Understand This in Fast Company and Endgadget

You Are Not Expected to Understand This: How 26 Lines of Code Changed the World was excerpted at Fast Company and Endgadget. Three of the contributors were interviewed for the Tech Policy podcast. Editor Torie Bosch was also interviewed on The New Stack (December 1, 2022). 

You Are Not Expected to Understand This in Slate and New Scientist 

You Are Not Expected to Understand This: How 26 Lines of Code Changed the World was excerpted in Slate, alongside an original essay by editor Torie Bosch on how the Backstreet Boys influenced her to code. The book was also featured in the “Don’t Miss” section of the latest issue of New Scientist (November 15, 2022). 

Restarting the Future mentioned in The Times

Restarting the Future: How to Fix the Intangible Economy by Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake has been mentioned in a piece in the The Times by David Wighton: ‘When statisticians do their own U-turn, the economic fog thickens’ (October 17 2022).

Coyle and Eeckhout in FiveBooks 

Cogs and Monsters by Diane Coyle and The Profit Paradox by Jan Eeckhout were both featured in a list of best new economic books on the FiveBooks website (October 18, 2022).  

Marybeth Gasman mentioned in IHE 

Marybeth Gasman, author of Doing the Right Thing: How Colleges and Universities Can Undo Systemic Racism in Faculty Hiring was cited by Syndey Freeman Jr. in a piece written for Inside Higher Ed: Stop Blaming Faculty of Color’ (August 19, 2022). 

Plagues Upon the Earth reviewed in Forbes 

Plagues Upon The Earth: Disease And The Course Of Human History by Kyle Harper was reviewed by Grrl Scientist for Forbes: [A] sweeping masterpiece… It’s difficult for me to think of anyone who will not find something eye-opening and enlightening in the pages of this comprehensive, beautifully written and eloquent book” (July 31, 2022). 

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