Christopher L. Caterine

Christopher L. Caterine

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After earning a PhD in classics from the University of Virginia and teaching at Tulane, Christopher Caterine left academia for a job at a corporate consulting firm. During his career transition, he went on more than 150 informational interviews and later interviewed twelve other professionals who had left higher education for diverse fields. Drawing on everything he learned, he wrote his book Leaving Academia, which helps PhD students chart their own course to a rewarding new career. He tweets at @clcaterine.

Approaching everything he does with the eye of a communications strategist, Chris has supported $100M+ consulting proposals, non-profit operations, and individual clients reinventing themselves for a new career. He is widely published and has spoken on finding post-PhD career success at institutions such as Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Washington University in St. Louis. You can learn more on his personal website.



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