Betty Lai

Betty Lai

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Speaker Profile

Betty S. Lai is a scholar with insights not only in her own field of psychology, but also into the state of scholarship as it stands today. As an Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology at Boston College, her research focuses on the impacts of the climate crisis and disasters on children, examining the mental and physical health consequences of large-scale disasters. Lai is also dedicated to training the next generation of scholars. Her book, The Grant Writing Guide: A Road Map for Scholars, includes strategies and insights gleaned from her interviews of scores of grant writing experts. Lai discusses essential skills for writing research grants, providing actionable strategies for professionals in every phase of their careers, from PhD students to seasoned researchers.


From previous workshop attendees: 

“I feel way more confident in grant writing which I had been dreading and considered not going into academia just to avoid writing grants.”

“Despite the fact that I am still deciding between an academic and clinical career, I found myself feeling so empowered to write a grant in my future.”

“Inspiring! It made me want to write a grant!”