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Message from Our Director

In September of 2017, I had the profound honor and pleasure of joining Princeton University Press and its ecosystem of excellence that I have admired and learned from for twenty-five years in university press publishing. The Press has evolved since its origins into a global leader of inquiry and insight, as our historical narrative captures. Our sustainability comes from the many wonderful symbiotic relationships we enjoy with authors and readers across the planet.

In an era of unprecedented climate change in the publishing environment, our resilience is rooted in an inclusive embrace of authors and ideas of greatest diversity, seeking to engage all species of readers invested in the integrity of knowledge, and in book formats of adaptive and enduring elegance.

Thank you for your collaborations, as readers, authors, and other vital partners in the dynamic ecosystem of knowledge and the book.


Christie Henry
Director, Princeton University Press


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David Campbell
Assistant Copywriting Manager
Deb Robinson
Marketing Manager, Europe/International Sales Manager
Debbie Greco
Deborah Grondahl
Senior Business Systems Analyst
Debra Liese
Curator of Ideas & Content Partnerships
Diana Gillooly
Executive Editor
Dimitri Karetnikov
Illustration Manager
Donna Liese
Assistant Creative Director (Marketing)
Donna Walker
Data Analyst
Eileen Reilly
Digital Production Manager
Eleanor Smith
Rights & Audio Assistant
Elizabeth Blazejewski
Digital Production Specialist
Elizabeth Byrd
Managing Editor | Production Schedules & Procedures
Ellen Foos
Senior Production Editor & Assistant Managing Editor
Emma Morgan
International Rights Associate
Eric Crahan
Editorial Director, Humanities & Social Sciences
Erin Suydam
Assistant Production Manager
Felix Summ
Junior Designer
Fred Appel
Ginny Armenti
Inventory Control Manager
Hallie Schaeffer
Assistant Editor, Biology
Hallie Stebbins
Hannah Paul
Associate Editor
Heather Hansen
Marketing Art Director
Hunter Finch
Junior Marketing Designer
Ines ter Horst
Director of Contracts, Rights & Permissions
Ingrid Gnerlich
Publisher for the Sciences
Jacqueline Delaney
Assistant Editor, Paperbacks
Jacqueline Poirier
Production Manager
Jaden Young
Diversify Publishing Fellow (Production Editorial)
James Collier
Editorial Assistant
James Schneider
Promotions Manager
Jenny Wolkowicki
Production Editor
Jessica Massabrook
Assistant Creative Director (Books)
Jessie (Le) Yang
China Sales Manager
Jill Harris
Senior Production Editor
Jim Jordan
Director of Finance, Operations
Jim Willis
Director of Technology
Jodi Price
Senior Publicist
Joe Jackson
Senior Editor