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Message from Our Director

In September of 2017, I had the profound honor and pleasure of joining Princeton University Press and its ecosystem of excellence that I have admired and learned from for twenty-five years in university press publishing. The Press has evolved since its origins into a global leader of inquiry and insight, as our historical narrative captures. Our sustainability comes from the many wonderful symbiotic relationships we enjoy with authors and readers across the planet.

In an era of unprecedented climate change in the publishing environment, our resilience is rooted in an inclusive embrace of authors and ideas of greatest diversity, seeking to engage all species of readers invested in the integrity of knowledge, and in book formats of adaptive and enduring elegance.

Thank you for your collaborations, as readers, authors, and other vital partners in the dynamic ecosystem of knowledge and the book.


Christie Henry
Director, Princeton University Press


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Karen Carter
Senior Production Editor
Karen Corvello
Sales Representative
Karen Fortgang
Associate Managing Editor
Kate Farquhar-Thomson
Head of Publicity, Europe
Kate Hensley
Katherine La Mantia
Special Sales Associate
Kathleen Cioffi
Senior Production Editor
Kathleen Field
Senior Accountant & Team Lead
Kathryn Lopez
Exhibits Associate
Kathryn Stevens
Publicity Associate
Katie Hope
Director of Marketing & Sales
Katie Lewis
Senior Publicist
Ken Reed
Assistant Director, Publishing Operations
Kenneth (Kenny) Guay
Editorial Assistant
Kimberley Williams
Digital & Audio Publisher
Lanora Haradon
Sales Representative
Larissa Skurka
Business Analyst
Lauren Lepow
Senior Manuscript & Production Editor
Laurie Schlesinger
Associate Director, Sales & Marketing
Layla Mac Rory
Junior Designer
Le Yang
China Sales Manager
Leslie Flis
Senior Designer
Leslie Grundfest
Senior Production Editor
Leslie Nangle
Associate Director, Marketing Operations
Lina Sun
China Operations Lead
Lingxi Li
China Chief Representative
Lisa Black
Permissions Manager
Lorraine Doneker
Senior Designer
Louise Jennewine
Executive Assistant
Louise Saletta
Web Content Manager & Lead Microsite Developer
Lyndsey Claro
Chief of Staff
Marc Liebowitz
IT Manager
Maria Chaves
Staff Accountant
Maria Lindenfeldar
Creative Director
Maria Whelan
Promotions Manager
Mark Bellis
Senior Production Editor & Assistant Managing Editor
Marla Dirks
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Marlene Tomlinson Richardson
Administrative Assistant
Mary Lynn McCarthy
Facilities Manager
Matt Rohal
Associate Editor