Manuscript Preparation

Welcome to Princeton University Press. We look forward to publishing your book. If you do not have a book under contract with the Press and wish to submit a proposal for consideration, please see How to Submit a Proposal. If you do have a book under contract and are ready to submit your manuscript for production, please select the set of instructions appropriate to your project:

  • Standard Word Processing Software (manuscripts prepared in Microsoft Word or other word processing program)
  • TeX (manuscripts prepared in LaTeX, AMS-TeX, or other TeX typesetting system)
  • Author as Compositor (you, the author, will implement the final book layout in TeX)
  • PUP Compositor (The Press will design and implement the final book layout in TeX)

Please consult your editor or editorial assistant if you are unsure about which set of instructions is appropriate for your book.

For all production paths, the following requirements must be met before you submit your manuscript for production:

  • Manuscript is final.
  • Illustrations are complete and have been prepared according to production guidelines.
  • Forms have been completed: Author Checklist and Copyright Information Form.
  • Permissions have been acquired and documentation submitted to the editorial assistant.

Please submit your manuscript, art files, forms, and permissions documentation directly to your editor or editorial assistant. If you are not sure how best to submit your files to the Press—whether as email attachments, through a file transfer program, or as hard copy—please check with your editorial team. Reasonable accommodations may be provided upon request; please send requests to the acquiring editor of your work.

Thank you! We look forward to working with you during the production phase.

Standard Word Processing Software

For manuscripts prepared in Word or other word processing programs, please refer to these submission guides as you prepare your manuscript for production:


These instructions are intended for submission of manuscripts prepared in LaTeX, AMS-TeX, or other versions of TeX for either of the following two production paths.

Author as Compositor

For projects in which you, the author, have contracted to input corrections after copyediting and implement the final book layout as directed by production, the first step is to download the Princeton University Press LaTeX class file(For Annals of Mathematics Studies, use this package.) To download the file, right-click on the link and “save as” to your local drive (if you left-click and the file appears in your browser window, you can go to File > Save As). Please refer to the following resources as you prepare your manuscript for production:

Please contact your editor if you require additional technical support.

PUP Compositor

For projects in which the Press will input corrections after copyediting and will design and implement the final book layout, please format your manuscript using stock book.cls and refer to the following resources as you prepare your manuscript for production:


Your manuscript submission must include completed versions of the following forms:

Copyright Information Form and Permissions Documentation

We require this information to document the rights secured for third-party content as well as to complete copyright registration. We require copies of all permissions correspondence, including licenses, email exchanges, and invoices, labeled with the corresponding figure number (for figure permissions) or chapter (for text permissions). Failure to complete and return the Copyright Information Form (CIF) with accompanying permissions documentation will limit our ability to sublicense foreign language editions, electronic rights, and permissions requests. It will also delay book production.

Unless otherwise stipulated in your author contract, you, as author (or editor of a multiauthor volume), are legally responsible for complying with copyright law, and you must clear permissions to reprint or reproduce material protected by copyright. Sample request letters are available to use as a starting point for requesting permission or interview releases.

Our permissions guidelines and resources page provides detailed information about the use of third-party material, including our policies on Fair Use and our Permissions Guidelines for Press authors.

How to fill out the Copyright Information Form (CIF)

Note that there are three tabs at the bottom of the Excel document. Please fill out each worksheet with a response in each cell. Please return the completed form as an attachment, together with all relevant permissions documentation.

Copyright Information Tab: (required)

  • Date of birth: for copyright registration of your work
  • Country of citizenship: for copyright registration of your work
  • Previously copyrighted content: is this work a revision of a dissertation that has previously been copyrighted? If so, please send a copy of either the previous LOC certificate or the certificate number and year of registration.

Text Permissions CIF Tab: (if there are no text permissions required, please indicate “no text permissions”)

  • Location: page numbers or figure number from manuscript
  • Brief description: the beginning and end of the quotation
  • Source: publication details for original source (title, publisher, year of publication, URL)
  • Copyright holder: rightsholder (publisher, individual, organization)
  • Credit Line: source attribution, usually provided on permissions licenses
  • Location for Credit Line: If license does not specify where the credit must appear, indicate “NA.”
  • Written permission received: Written permission is required. Email authorizations are acceptable provided that print and digital rights have been requested in the initial inquiry.
  • Print rights: okay for print formats? This is required for all content.
  • Digital rights: okay for digital formats? This is required for all content.
  • Audio rights: not applicable for all titles – please check with your editor
  • Territory: request World rights
  • Print Run Restrictions: print run will be noted in publication details
  • Language Rights: we prefer rights to all languages, but English rights to be secured minimally
  • Notes: anything else of importance or that needs to be explained

Figure Permissions CIF Tab: (if no figures require permission, please indicate “no figure permissions”)

  • Figure or plate no. in ms: figure numbers should be numbered consecutively per the chapter in which they appear
  • Brief description: figure caption or description
  • Reprinted, original, adapted, or redrawn: Original (author owns rights); Reproduction (a scan, copy, or slide from a third party (may need permission); Redrawn: Redrawn from third party image (may need permission); Modified: Redrawn with changes (may need permission).
  • Image display restrictions: any limitations noted in permissions license regarding placement, color or size limitations
  • Is a comp copy required? Any rightsholder who requests a book upon publication – please include full address here
  • Are rights transferable to third parties? Can foreign publishers use the images in translated editions or will they have to secure new permission?
  • Do we have publicity/promotional rights? Can this image be used in advertising for your book?

Please contact your editorial assistant if you have any questions about completing the form.

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