The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Volume 32
January 1-April 16, l915
Woodrow Wilson
Edited by Arthur S. Link


Beginning at January 1, 1915, and ending at April 16, 1915, Volume 32 covers the busiest and in many respects most crucial months of Wilson's presidency to this point. Assembled here for the first time are all the significant documents relating to Wilson's first response to the German submarine campaign; his response to the Allied declaration of total blockade of the Central Powers; the continuing crisis in Mexico caused by the war between the Villistas and Carrancistas; Colonel House's first peace mission; the attempt by Wilson, Bryan, and Lansing to work out a policy regarding submarine warfare following the first incident involving the death of an American citizen; and the crisis occasioned by Japan's Twenty-One Demands upon China. In addition, the volume includes all of Wilson's important press conferences and personal and political correspondence.

Arthur S. Link is Professor of American History, Princeton University.