Physics & Astronomy

Life in the Universe, 5th Edition: Digital Bundle

A powerful new platform for teaching and learning about life in the universe, bundled with the Life in the Universe ebook

Digital Bundle

Jan 10, 2023
Physics & Astronomy
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This interactive courseware enables instructors of Life in the Universe to build high-structure courses using evidence-based practices that promote active student learning. Powered by Codon Learning, the learning platform helps students develop stronger metacognitive skills, track their own progress, and chart a personalized pathway to success. Approximately 600 assessment questions—in the form of pre-class review questions, homework questions, quiz and test questions, and more—tied to measurable learning objectives ensure that students can identify personal learning gaps and focus on the concepts with which they need the most help.

  • Designed for a one-semester introductory course using Life in the Universe, the leading textbook on astrobiology
  • Promotes high-structure course design, active learning, and self-regulated study
  • Uses a proven student-centered approach to optimize learning outcomes
  • Enables students to develop metacognitive skills
  • Helps students identify what they know and don’t know, address learning gaps, and apply effective study strategies
  • Features approximately 600 assessment questions that offer immediate feedback and are aligned to measurable learning objectives
  • Includes learning analytics dashboards that help students manage their time more effectively
  • Digital Bundle includes access to the courseware and the Life in the Universe ebook