Physics & Astronomy

Quantum Mechanics

The classic textbook on quantum mechanics from Nobel Prize–winning physicist P. J. E. Peebles


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Sep 15, 2020
Physics & Astronomy
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This book explains the often counterintuitive physics of quantum mechanics, unlocking this key area of physics for students by enabling them to work through detailed applications of general concepts and ideas. P. J. E. Peebles states general principles first in terms of wave mechanics and then in the standard abstract linear space formalism. He offers a detailed discussion of measurement theory—an essential feature of quantum mechanics—and emphasizes the art of numerical estimates. Along the way, Peebles provides a wealth of physical examples together with numerous problems, some easy, some challenging, but all of them selected because they are physically interesting. Quantum Mechanics is an essential resource for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in physics.

Awards and Recognition

  • James Peebles, Co-Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics