Princeton Nature

Birds of Belize

    Illustrated by
  • Dale Dyer

A state-of-the-art illustrated field guide to the birds of Belize


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Apr 25, 2023
116 color plates + 15 color photos. 600 color maps.
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Belize is one of the world’s premier birding destinations, home to a marvelous array of tropical birds and beautiful habitats ranging from verdant rain forests and extensive wetlands to rolling pine savannas and the country’s famed barrier reef. Birds of Belize is the essential illustrated pocket guide to this birder’s paradise. It covers all regularly occurring bird species found in the region and features facing-page plates and text that make field identification easy. Concise species accounts describe everything from size and distribution to voice, habitat, and status. This compact guide also features progressive taxonomy and a wealth of color range maps.

  • Covers more than 500 species of birds found in Belize
  • Includes 116 superb color plates
  • Features concise species accounts, facing-page plates and text, and up-to-date range maps
  • Its compact size and field-friendly layout make it the ideal travel companion for any birder

Awards and Recognition

  • An American Birding Association Best Bird Book of the Year