The Enneads of Plotinus: A Commentary | Volume 2

    Translated by
  • Nickolaos Koutras

The second volume in a landmark commentary on an important and influential work of ancient philosophy


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Feb 7, 2023
4 b/w illus. 2 tables.
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This is the second volume of a groundbreaking commentary on one of the most important works of ancient philosophy, the Enneads of Plotinus—a text that formed the basis of Neoplatonism and had a deep influence on early Christian thought and medieval and Renaissance philosophy. This volume covers Enneads IV and V, which focus on two of the principal “hypostases” of Plotinus’s ontological system, namely the soul and the Intellect. Paul Kalligas provides an analytical exegesis of the arguments, along with an account of Plotinus’s principal sources, references to other parts of his work, and a systematic evaluation of his overarching theoretical aspirations. A landmark contribution to Plotinus scholarship, this is the most detailed and extensive commentary ever written for the whole of the Enneads.