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Butterflies of the East Coast: An Observer's Guide


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Sep 26, 2023
878 color illus. 275 maps.
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Here is an accessible, informative, and highly illustrated book that offers a fresh view of butterflies in the East Coast states, from the Atlantic seaboard to the Appalachians. In addition to providing a wealth of facts and photos, the book is the first to furnish detailed and up-to-date photo-illustrated information on the host plants favored by particular species. With 234 full-page species accounts and accompanying range maps, plus more than 950 large-size color photos, it is an essential reference work for field observers, gardeners, educators, and conservation managers — or anyone interested in appreciating the lepidopteran world close at hand.

The introductory chapters detail the subtle ecology of the East Coast region, establishing a consistent ecological framework that enriches the individual species accounts. There is also an overview of current scientific literature and observational findings to help readers better interpret complex butterfly behaviors in the field, including seasonal movements, host plant and diapause strategies, defensive chemistry, and more.

The book is written by Rick Cech, a seasoned field observer who has spent years studying and photographing East Coast butterflies. His substantial first-hand experience with both the common and rare species in the region adds much depth and new insight to the commentary.

  • 234 full-page species accounts and accompanying range maps
  • 950 large-size color photos
  • 215 photos of individual host plants and habitats
  • 735 high-quality photos of butterflies and caterpillars
  • Introductory chapters detailing the subtle ecology of the East Coast region
  • An overview of current scientific literature and observational findings
  • Descriptions of diapause and host plant strategies and defensive chemistry
  • User-friendly with clear, concise text

Awards and Recognition

  • Winner of the 2005 Best Butterfly Book to Date, Worldtwitch