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A Guide to the Mammals of China


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Apr 23, 2010
83 color illus. 572 maps.
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China’s stunning diversity of natural habitats — from parched deserts to lush tropical forests — is home to more than 10 percent of the world’s mammal species. A Guide to the Mammals of China is the most comprehensive guide to all 556 species of mammals found in China. It is the only single-volume reference of its kind to fully describe the physical characteristics, geographic distribution, natural history, and conservation status of every species. An up-to-date distribution map accompanies each species account, and color plates illustrate a majority of species. Written by a team of leading specialists, including Professor Wang Sung who provides a history of Chinese mammalogy, A Guide to the Mammals of China is the ideal reference for researchers and a delight for anyone interested in China’s rich mammal fauna.

  • The definitive, comprehensive, up-to-date guide to all of China’s 556 mammal species

  • High-quality color plates accompany the detailed text

  • Each species account comes with a distribution map

  • Organized taxonomically for easy reference

  • Includes an extensive bibliography