Princeton Nature

Tooth and Claw: Top Predators of the World

    Illustrated by
  • Elise Pullen

A marvelously illustrated look at the most deadly predators on the planet


May 9, 2023
7.5 x 9.5 in.
206 color + b/w illus.
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Tooth and Claw presents the world’s top predators as you have never seen them before, from big cats and wild dogs to sharks, reptiles, and killer whales. Blending gorgeous photos and illustrations with spellbinding storytelling, this book is packed with the latest facts about these fearsome but often misunderstood animals. It covers apex and other top predators in each major vertebrate family, discussing where and how they live, how they are faring in the modern world, and why they matter. Along the way, the authors share informative and entertaining anecdotes from their decades in the field learning about predators and reveal hard truths about the role humans continue to play in their fate. Tooth and Claw also describes conservation successes and lays out some simple but crucial steps each of us can take to protect these magnificent beasts. Are humans top predators, too? Read this amazing book and find out.

  • Offers an unparalleled look at a side of nature rarely witnessed up close
  • Stunningly illustrated throughout and brimming with fun facts
  • Describes ultimate vertebrate predators ranging from sharks and reptiles to raptors, cats, dogs, bears, and marine mammals
  • Provides rare insights into the biology, ecology, and conservation of top predators
  • Draws on the latest findings from habitats around the world
  • Conveys the wonders of the natural world with engaging storytelling and lively personal anecdotes

Awards and Recognition

  • A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of the Year