Neuroscience & Psychology

Dream Interpretation Ancient and Modern: Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936–1941 - Updated Edition

    Edited by
  • John Peck
  • Lorenz Jung
  • Maria Meyer-Grass
    Translated by
  • Ernst Falzeder
  • Tony Woolfson

Jung's landmark seminar sessions on dream interpretation and its history


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Jun 1, 2014
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From 1936 to 1941, C. G. Jung gave a four-part seminar series in Zurich on children’s dreams and the historical literature on dream interpretation. This book completes the two-part publication of this landmark seminar, presenting the sessions devoted to dream interpretation and its history. Here we witness Jung as both clinician and teacher: impatient and sometimes authoritarian but also witty, wise, and intellectually daring, a man who, though brilliant, could be vulnerable, uncertain, and humbled by life’s mysteries. These sessions open a window on Jungian dream interpretation in practice, as Jung examines a long dream series from the Renaissance physician Girolamo Cardano. They also provide the best example of group supervision by Jung the educator. Presented here in an inspired English translation commissioned by the Philemon Foundation, these sessions reveal Jung as an impassioned teacher in dialogue with his students as he developed and refined the discipline of analytical psychology.

An invaluable document of perhaps the most important psychologist of the twentieth century at work, this splendid book is the fullest representation of Jung’s interpretations of dream literatures, filling a critical gap in his collected works.