Philosophy, Politics, and Economics: An Introduction

An updated and expanded edition of the classic introduction to PPEphilosophy, politics, and economics—coauthored by one of the field’s pioneers


Nov 16, 2021
5.5 x 8.5 in.
30 b/w illus. 86 tables.
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Philosophy, Politics, and Economics offers a complete introduction to the fundamental tools and concepts of analysis that PPE students need to study social and political issues. This fully updated and expanded edition examines the core methodologies of rational choice, strategic analysis, norms, and collective choice that serve as the bedrocks of political philosophy and the social sciences. The textbook is ideal for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and nonspecialists looking to familiarize themselves with PPE’s approaches.

Starting with individual choice, the book develops an account of rationality to introduce readers to decision theory, utility theory, and concepts of welfare economics and consumer choice theory. It moves to strategic choice in game theory to explore such issues as bargaining theory, repeated games, and evolutionary game theory. The text also considers how social norms can be understood, observed, and measured. Concluding chapters address collective choice, social choice theory and democracy, and public choice theory’s connections to voters, representatives, and institutions.

Rigorous and comprehensive, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics continues to be an essential text for this popular and burgeoning field.

  • The only book that covers the entirety of PPE methods
  • A rigorous, nontechnical introduction to decision theory, game theory, and positive political theory
  • A philosophical introduction to rational choice theory in the social sciences