The Divine Comedy

    Translated by
  • Charles S. Singleton
    Introduction by
  • Simone Marchesi
    Illustrated by
  • Roberto Abbiati

For the first time in one volume, the most elegant and accessible translation of Dante’s enduring masterpiece


Published (US):
Nov 5, 2024
Published (UK):
Jan 7, 2025
6.13 x 9.25 in.
33 b/w illus.
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Charles Singleton’s English-language translation of The Divine Comedy is widely considered to be one of the finest renderings of Dante’s masterpiece. Singleton’s prose is both faithful and scholarly, and sensitive to the subtle nuances of meaning and richness of reference in Dante’s epic poem. Here for the first time is the single-volume edition of Singleton’s celebrated translation.

This beautifully illustrated book brings together all three volumes of Dante’s poem, describing his travels down to the circles of Hell, up over the mountain of Purgatory, and his ultimate ascension through the celestial spheres of Paradise. Dante’s divine tour provides a timeless allegory for the journey of one’s soul toward union with God.

Featuring an incisive introduction by Simone Marchesi, a glossary, and stunning illustrations by acclaimed artist Roberto Abbiati, this handsome edition of The Divine Comedy introduces a new generation of readers to what is perhaps the preeminent achievement of Italian literature.