Earth Science

Climate Dynamics, 2nd Edition

An expanded and updated new edition of a concise introduction to climate system dynamics


Published (US):
Feb 25, 2025
Published (UK):
Apr 22, 2025
7 x 10 in.
157 color illus.
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Climate Dynamics provides an essential foundation in the physical understanding of Earth’s climate system. Assuming no previous introduction to the climate system, the book is designed for all science, math, and engineering students at the advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate levels. This second edition includes updated and expanded information on hydrology, the cryosphere, observed contemporary climate change, and climate prediction. In addition, the illustrations are expanded and now in full color.

The first section of the book provides a description of the climate system based on current observations of the mean climate state and its variability. The second section develops a quantitative understanding of the processes that determine the climate state—radiation, heat balances, and the basics of fluid dynamics applied to the atmosphere, oceans, and cryosphere. The third and final section focuses on observed contemporary climate change and prediction.

  • Presents a physically based, quantitative understanding of the climate system and climate change
  • Emphasizes fundamental observations and understanding
  • Features end-of-chapter exercises and full-color illustrations
  • An online illustration package and solutions manual for professors is available