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The Princeton Field Guide to Predatory Dinosaurs

An authoritative illustrated guide to the fearsome predators that dominated the Mesozoic world for 180 million years


Nov 5, 2024
8.5 x 11 in.
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New discoveries are transforming our understanding of the theropod dinosaurs, revealing startling new insights into the lives and look of these awesome predators. The Princeton Field Guide to Predatory Dinosaurs provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the mighty hunters that ruled the earth for tens of millions of years. This incredible guide covers some 300 species and features stunning illustrations of predatory theropods of all shapes and sizes. It discusses their history, anatomy, physiology, locomotion, reproduction, growth, and extinction, and even gives a taste of what it might be like to travel back to the Mesozoic. This one-of-a-kind guide also discusses the controversies surrounding these marvelous creatures, taking up such open questions as the form and habitats of the gigantic Spinosaurus and the number of Tyrannosaurus species that may have existed.

  • Features detailed species accounts of some 300 theropod dinosaurs, with the latest size and mass estimates
  • Shares new perspectives on iconic predators such as T. rex and Velociraptor
  • Covers everything from the biology of predatory dinosaurs to the colorful history of paleontology
  • Features a wealth of color and black-and-white drawings and figures, including life studies, scenic views, and original skeletal, skull, and muscle reconstructions
  • Includes detailed color maps