Physics & Astronomy

High-Energy Astrophysics


Feb 15, 2009
6 x 9.25 in.
26 color illus. 52 halftones. 59 line illus.
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High-energy astrophysics involves the study of exceedingly dynamic and energetic phenomena occurring near the most extreme celestial objects known to exist, such as black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs, and supernova remnants. High-Energy Astrophysics provides graduate and advanced undergraduate students with the most complete, self-contained introduction to the subject available. This textbook covers all the essentials, weaving together the latest theory with the experimental techniques, instrumentation, and observational methods astronomers use to study high-energy radiation from space.

Fulvio Melia introduces topics at the forefront of today’s research, including relativistic particles, energetic radiation, and accretion disk theory. No other textbook offers such a thorough yet concise treatment of the key aspects of high-energy astrophysics — both theoretical and observational — or delves as deeply into modern detection techniques, satellite systems, and analytical and numerical modeling used by theoreticians. Amply illustrated, High-Energy Astrophysics is also ideal for researchers interested in the application of fundamental physical laws to understand how matter and radiation behave in regions of the universe where physical conditions are most extreme.

  • Uniquely weaves together the theoretical and experimental aspects of this important branch of astronomy
  • Features stunning images of the high-energy sky
  • Fully describes the principal classes of high-energy sources, with an in-depth study of many archetypal objects within them
  • Provides an excellent, self-contained resource for the classroom, written by a preeminent researcher and teacher in the field

Awards and Recognition

  • Winner of the 2009 PROSE Award in Cosmology & Astronomy, Association of American Publishers