A Kaleidoscope of China: An Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese


Jun 6, 2010
8.5 x 11 in.
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A Kaleidoscope of China is an advanced Chinese-language textbook that gives students a greater command of Chinese while deepening their understanding of the social and cultural issues facing China today. Geared to the unique needs of students with two or more years of instruction in modern Chinese, this book features a stimulating selection of articles and essays from major newspapers and periodicals in China, offering a revealing look at contemporary Chinese society. Topics include: buying a home versus having a child; consumer exports to America; depression; online dating; cell phones; empty-nest syndrome; fast food; the Virginia Tech massacre; medicine; the 2008 Sichuan earthquake; and global warming. Every selection is accompanied by a vocabulary list, exercises, and grammar notes.

No other Chinese-language textbook so effectively helps advanced students expand their language skills while immersing them in what is truly a kaleidoscope of today’s China.

  • Teaches advanced Chinese while providing a window into contemporary China

  • Features selections from actual Chinese newspapers and periodicals

  • Includes vocabulary lists, exercises, and grammar notes

  • Ideal for students with two or more years of instruction in modern Chinese