Literature and Society: An Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese - Revised Edition

A revised one-volume edition of the popular upper-level Chinese language textbook


Jul 26, 2016
8.5 x 11 in.
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Since its first publication in 1999, Literature and Society has been widely used in Chinese-language classes at major universities and language institutions. In this completely revised edition, designed for upper-level students, this classic textbook continues to explore a variety of contemporary Chinese social issues through the study of Chinese literary works and essays.

This new edition condenses and consolidates the original two-volume set into one convenient volume. The first section, “Literature,” includes essays, short stories, and a play, and features a range of writers: Lu Xun, Lin Yutang, Liang Shiqiu, Wang Li, Xie Bingying, and Wang Meng. The second section, “Society,” includes essays by Fei Xiaotong, Ma Yinchu, Wu Han, Liang Sicheng, and Chen Hengzhe. The selections delve into such subjects as population issues, ethics, marriage, the lives of intellectuals, and challenges faced by minorities in China. Each selection begins with a brief introduction about the author and concludes with discussion questions. The simplified character text and corresponding vocabulary words face each other on adjacent pages, and the traditional character text follows at the end of each lesson.

Literature and Society remains an innovative way for students to sharpen their Chinese language abilities while learning more about important areas of Chinese culture.

  • Completely revised edition
  • Original two-volume set now consolidated into one convenient volume
  • Selections of literary works and essays explore contemporary Chinese social issues
  • Each selection begins with an introduction to the author and concludes with discussion questions
  • Simplified character text and corresponding vocabulary sit on facing pages
  • Traditional character text appears at the end of each lesson