Flight Identification of European Passerines and Select Landbirds: An Illustrated and Photographic Guide

    Photographs by
  • Michal Skakuj

A richly illustrated, state-of-the-art field guide for identifying European passerines in flight—the first of its kind


£38.00 / $45.00
6.13 x 9.25 in.
1,850 color illus. 2,000 color photos.
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Opening up new frontiers in birdwatching, this is the first field guide for identifying European passerines in flight, featuring more than 1,850 stunning color illustrations from acclaimed bird artist Tomasz Cofta, who creates remarkably lifelike images using the latest digital technology. With detailed coverage of 206 passerines and 32 near-passerine landbirds, this cutting-edge book features a seamlessly integrated approach. It combines Cofta’s precise illustrations, which depict key shape and coloration features, with a range of photos for each species that show how they appear in flight. The species accounts are short, sharp, and authoritative, and essential information on individual flight manner and flock structure and behavior is represented concisely. In addition, flight calls are transliterated, briefly described, shown as sonograms, and backed up with a unique collection of more than one hundred online audio recordings. While the book is written in a style that will appeal to all birders, it also contains new knowledge on flight identification, making it a must-have for professional ornithologists and scientists as well.

  • The first field guide to flight identification of European passerines
  • Covers 206 passerines and 32 near-passerine landbirds
  • Features more than 1,850 stunning color illustrations
  • Includes 2,000 photos showing each species in flight
  • Provides extensive information on flight calls