Physics & Astronomy

At the Edge of Time: Exploring the Mysteries of Our Universe’s First Seconds

A new look at the first few seconds after the Big Bang—and how research into these moments continues to revolutionize our understanding of our universe


Published (US):
Apr 6, 2021
Published (UK):
May 11, 2021
5.5 x 8.5 in.
11 b/w illus.
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Scientists in recent decades have made crucial discoveries about how our cosmos evolved over the past 13.8 billion years. But we still know little about what happened in the first seconds after the Big Bang. At the Edge of Time focuses on what we have learned and are striving to understand about this mysterious period at the beginning of cosmic history. Delving into the remarkable science of cosmology, Dan Hooper describes many of the extraordinary questions that scientists are asking about the origin and nature of our world. Hooper examines how the Large Hadron Collider and other experiments re-create the conditions of the Big Bang, how we may finally discover the way dark matter was formed during our universe’s first moments, and how, with new telescopes, we are lifting the veil on the era of cosmic inflation. At the Edge of Time presents an accessible investigation of our universe and its birth.