Economics & Finance

The Infinite Desire for Growth

    Translated by
  • Jane Marie Todd

Why society’s expectation of economic growth is no longer realistic


Published (US):
Dec 8, 2020
Published (UK):
Dec 21, 2020
5.5 x 8.5 in.
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Economic growth—and the hope of better things to come—is the religion of the modern world. Yet its prospects have become bleak, with crashes following booms in an endless cycle. In the United States, eighty percent of the population has seen no increase in purchasing power over the last thirty years and the situation is not much better elsewhere. The Infinite Desire for Growth spotlights the obsession with wanting more, and the global tensions that have arisen as a result. Daniel Cohen provides a whirlwind tour of the history of economic growth, from the early days of civilization to modern times, underscoring what is so unsettling today. He examines how a future less dependent on material gain might be considered, and how, in a culture of competition, individual desires might be better attuned to the greater needs of society.