Art & Architecture

Picture Ecology: Art and Ecocriticism in Planetary Perspective

    Contributions by
  • Alan C. Braddock
  • Maura Coughlin
  • Rachael Z. DeLue
  • T. J. Demos
  • Mónica Domínguez Torres
  • Finis Dunaway
  • Stephen F. Eisenman
  • Emily Gephart
  • De-nin D. Lee
  • Gregory Levine
  • Anne McClintock
  • James Nisbet
  • Andrew Patrizio
  • Sugata Ray
  • Greg M. Thomas

A diverse set of contributions to the expanding field of ecocritical studies


Oct 26, 2021
9.5 x 10.5 in.
150 color illus.
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Seeking a broad reexamination of visual culture through the lenses of ecocriticism, environmental justice, and animal studies, Picture Ecology offers a diverse range of art historical criticism formulated within an ecological context. This book brings together scholars whose contributions extend chronologically and geographically from eleventh-century Chinese painting to contemporary photography of California wildfires. The book’s fifteen interdisciplinary essays provide a dynamic, cross-cultural approach to an increasingly vital area of study, emphasizing the environmental dimensions inherent in the content and materials of aesthetic objects. Picture Ecology provides valuable new approaches for considering works of art in ways that are timely, intellectually stimulating, and universally significant.

With contributions by Alan C. Braddock, Maura Coughlin, Rachael Z. DeLue, T. J. Demos, Mónica Domínguez Torres, Finis Dunaway, Stephen F. Eisenman, Emily Gephart, Karl Kusserow, De-nin D. Lee, Gregory Levine, Anne McClintock, James Nisbet, Andrew Patrizio, Sugata Ray, and Greg M. Thomas.

Distributed for the Princeton University Art Museum

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