Princeton Nature

Field Guide to North American Flycatchers: Empidonax and Pewees

A richly illustrated, portable field guide to flycatcher identification


Published (US):
Apr 4, 2023
Published (UK):
May 16, 2023
5 x 8 in.
55 color + b/w illus. 19 maps. 53 spectrograms.
Princeton Nature
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The identification of Empidonax flycatchers and pewees can be a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned birder. Field Guide to North American Flycatchers takes bird identification to an entirely new level by training readers to observe subtle differences in structure, color patterns, and vocalizations before delving into the finer details of a particular species. Because the plumages of flycatchers are so similar, this one-of-a-kind guide uses illustrations that highlight slight variances among species that photos often miss. One of the last frontiers of bird identification is now accessible to everyone—once one knows what to look for.

  • Uses a holistic approach that makes flycatcher identification possible even for beginners
  • Features a wealth of beautiful illustrations that depict every species in North America
  • Shows how to observe subtle differences in structure, plumage contrasts, and vocalizations, which together create a distinctive overall impression of the bird
  • Includes detailed audio spectrograms and seasonal distribution maps for each species
  • Shares invaluable tips for successful identification in all kinds of field settings
  • Its compact size and field-friendly layout make it the ideal travel companion for any birder

Combined with the second volume in the Field Guide to North American Flycatchers series, which focuses on kingbirds and Myiarchus flycatchers, these companion guides are the most comprehensive and accessible treatments of flycatcher identification to date.

Awards and Recognition

  • An American Birding Association Best Bird Book of the Year
  • A Birdbooker Report Best Bird Book of the Year
  • A British Trust for Ornithology Best Bird Book of the Year