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    Ideas Podcast: Data Driven, Karen Levy Data Driven Long-haul truckers are the backbone of the American economy, transporting goods under grueling conditions and immense economic pressure. Truckers have long valued the day-to-day independence of their work, sharing a strong occupational identity roote... Read More
    Truck driving on bridge What does it mean to resist surveillance? If you talk to a long-haul trucker about why they chose their occupation, there’s a high likelihood they’ll mention autonomy and freedom—that they didn’t want someone looking over their shoulder all the time. Read More
    Office hours. Photo of Karen Levy Office hours with Karen Levy I am delighted to announce Office Hours, a new Ideas feature that we will share every other month. I spend quite a bit of time talking to authors about recent research—and eventually, we share the end result with you, in the form of a book. Read More