Eric Crahan

Editorial Director, Humanities (History of Science & Knowledge)

I publish books in history broadly, seeking the best and most intellectually exciting historians writing today. Princeton University Press’s history list aims to capture what is most engaging, foundational, and essential in history, and I see myself as a catalyst, helping to galvanize and focus the field on areas of emerging interest by commissioning innovative, synthetic books that have scholarly authority and broad appeal. I acquire trade and scholarly books from across world and American history, and am particularly excited about those that reveal a topic or time period for a new generation of scholars; cover large chronological scales or key themes, events, or regions; or will become must-read books for historians, students, and general readers.

I look to continue to build on the Press’s distinguished list of leading and award-winning historians, which includes such authors as Thomas Sugrue, Mae Ngai, Jürgen Osterhammel, Judith Herrin, Joan Scott, Thomas Laqueur, Mark Peterson, and Jürgen Renn.