Eric Crahan

Editorial Director, Humanities & Social Sciences (History of Science & Knowledge)

I am the editorial director for the humanities and social sciences at Princeton University Press, and also acquire and commission books in the history of science and knowledge. This list encompasses the histories of the physical and natural sciences, technology, and medicine, while also including histories of the humanities and social sciences, the history of the book, and related intellectual and cultural histories. I am looking to partner with authors on innovative books that have scholarly authority and broad appeal, especially those which can serve as catalysts for and help galvanize emerging and enduring areas of interest. I edit books from all areas and periods, from antiquity to the present, seeking works that will become the must-read books for the field, students, and general readers.

I am excited to continue to build on Princeton’s distinguished list of award-winning and leading historians of science, which includes Janet Browne, Jed Buchwald, Lorraine Daston, Michael Gordin, Adrienne Mayor, Naomi Oreskes, Theodore Porter, Jürgen Renn, Steven Shapin, and many, many others. Recent publications include Lorraine Daston’s Rules: A Short History of What We Live By, Katja Guenther’s The Mirror and the Mind, Maren Elisabeth Schwab and Anthony Grafton’s The Art of Discovery, Daniel Kennefick’s No Shadow of a Doubt, and James Costa’s Radical by Nature.