Wilson, Volume III
The Struggle for Neutrality, 1914-1915
Arthur S. Link


Critics have called the two prior volumes in this life of Woodrow Wilson "a model of political biography" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.), and “a capital piece of work, critical and judicious” (Henry Steele Commager). In this third volume Arthur Link covers the period between the immediate background of World War I and the not, to Great Britain of October 21, 1915, marking the end of Wilson's fight to lay solid foundations for American neutrality. Volume 3 also adds new material on American involvement in Mexico, the Caribbean and the Far East. A less stern picture of Wilson emerges-the picture of man struggling patiently and cautiously to avoid entanglement in the European war, work out a reasonable adjustment to British sea power, and meet the German challenge of submarine warfare in a mod rate restrained manner.

First published in 1960.