Political Development in Modern Japan
Studies in the Modernization of Japan
Edited by Robert E. Ward


Contents: I. "Introduction," Robert E. Ward. II. "A Monarch for Modern Japan," John Whitney Hall. III. "Political Modernization and the Meiji Genro" Roger F. Hackett. IV. "Fukuzawa Yukichi: The Philosophical Foundations of Meiji Nationalism," Albert M. Craig. V. "Modernization and Foreign Policy in Meiji Japan," Marius B. Jansen. VI. "War and Modernization," Nobutaka Ike. VII. "Popular Political Participation and Political Development in Japan: The Rural Level," Kurt Steiner. VIII. "Elections and Political Modernization in Prewar Japan," Robert A. Scalapino. IX. "The Development of Interest Groups and the Pattern of Political Modernization in Japan," Takeshi Ishida. X. "Structural and Functional Differentiation in the Political Modernization of Japan," Bernard S. Silberman. XI. "Law and Political Modernization in Japan," Dan Fenno Henderson. XII. "Decision-Making in the Japanese Government: A Study of Ringisei" Kiyoaki Tsuji. XIII. "Reflections on the Allied Occupation and Planned Political Change in Japan," Robert E. Ward. XIV. "The Politics of Japan's Modernization: The Autonomy of Choice," Ardath W. Burks. XV. "Epilogue," Robert E. Ward. Index.

First published in 1968.