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Message from Our Director

In September of 2017, I had the profound joy of joining the Princeton University Press and its ecosystem of excellence that I have admired and learned from for thirty years in university press publishing. The Press has evolved since its origins into a global leader of inquiry and insight, as our historical narrative captures. Our sustainability comes from the many wonderful symbiotic relationships we enjoy with authors, readers & listeners, booksellers, libraries and peer publishers across the planet. We are a press with a purpose, and you help generate and define that purpose in a multitude of ways.

In an era of unprecedented climate change in the publishing environment, our resilience is rooted in an inclusive embrace of authors and ideas of greatest diversity, seeking to engage all species of readers and listeners invested in the excitement and integrity of knowledge, and in books (& formats) of adaptive and enduring impact.

Thank you for the collaborations you entrust to us, and which inspire every member of our global team. We are perpetually grateful to share with you this dynamic ecosystem of knowledge and the book.


Christie Henry
Director, Princeton University Press


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Abigail Johnson
Associate Editor, Physical Sciences
Adriene Khon
Junior Operations Analyst
Agnieszka Maziarz
Senior Accountant
Akhil Jonnalagadda
Program Coordinator (PUP Speaks)
Alena Chekanov
Assistant Editor
Alexandria Leonard
Senior Operations Analyst
Ali Parrington
Assistant Managing Editor
Alison Kalett
Editorial Director, Science
Allegra Martschenko
Editorial Coordinator
Alyssa Sanford
Amanda Gillette
Administrative Assistant
Andrew Brewer
International Sales Director
Andy Swash
WILDGuides Publisher
Anne Savarese
Annie Miller
Senior Art Book Publications Coordinator
Barbara Nolan
Special Sales and Grassroots Marketing Associate
Barbara Tonetti
Senior Reference Marketing Manager 
Barry Koen
Inventory & Sales Operations Manager
Ben Tate
Senior Editor, Humanities
Benjamin Higgins
Studio Coordinator
Bob Bettendorf
Director of Copywriting
Bridget Flannery-McCoy
Executive Editor
Briget Hamernik
IP & Royalties Manager
Brigitta van Rheinberg
Associate Director & Director of Global Development
Caitlyn Robson-Iszatt
Marketing Coordinator
Carmen Jimenez
Senior Publicist
Carmina Alvarez-Gaffin
Design Project Manager
Caroline Priday
Co-Head of PUP Europe
Carrie Hudak
Paperback Manager & Senior Production Editor
Cathy Felgar
Director of Publishing Operations
Ceylan Akturk
Senior Contracts Manager
Charlotte Coyne
Publicity Associate
Chloe Coy
Editorial Associate
Chris Ferrante
Senior Designer
Christian Carey
Staff Accountant
Christian Thompson
Senior Financial & Operations Analyst
Christie Henry
Christina Lillja
Exhibits Specialist
Claire Williams
Office Administrator
Clare Ferris
Digital Production Specialist