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From Drawing to Painting: Poussin, Watteau, Fragonard, David, and Ingres

Unique perspectives from an acclaimed art historian on the relationship between drawing and painting


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Oct 17, 2023
260 b/w illus.
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From Drawing to Painting interweaves biographical information about five renowned French artists—Nicolas Poussin, Antoine Watteau, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Jacques-Louis David, and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres—with a fascinating look at dozens of their drawings and the links that they have to their paintings. This book explores drawing as a site of reflection, the space between the idea of a painted image and its realization on canvas.

How, why, and for whom did these artists draw? What value did they place on their drawings? How did their drawings get handed down to us? In what way do they enable us better to understand the artists’ intentions, their creative processes, and to penetrate their worlds? Pierre Rosenberg determines that each artist approached drawing in a distinctive way, reflecting his individual training, work habits, and personal ambitions. For example, Poussin viewed his drawings simply as working documents, Watteau preferred his drawings to his paintings, and Fragonard made a lucrative business selling his graphic work. For David and Ingres, drawing had a considerable pedagogical function, whether in copying the great works of their predecessors or in sharpening their own techniques.

From Drawing to Painting Offers an unprecedented view of the artistic process, and makes an important and beautiful addition to any art library.

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