Calculus 2 Simplified: Integration and Infinite Series

From the author of Calculus Simplified, an accessible, personalized approach to Calculus 2


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Apr 1, 2025
94 b/w illus.
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Second-semester calculus is rich with insights into the nature of infinity and the very foundations of geometry, but students can become overwhelmed as they struggle to synthesize the range of material covered in class. Oscar Fernandez provides a “Goldilocks approach” to learning the mathematics of integration, infinite sequences and series, and their applications—the right depth of insights, the right level of detail, and the freedom to customize your student experience. Learning calculus should be an empowering voyage, not a daunting task. Calculus 2 Simplified gives you the flexibility to choose your calculus adventure, and the right support to help you master the subject.

  • Provides an accessible, user-friendly introduction to second-semester college calculus
  • The unique customizable approach enables students to begin first with integration (traditional) or with sequences and series (easier)
  • Chapters are organized into mini lessons that focus first on developing the intuition behind calculus, then on conceptual and computational mastery
  • Features more than 170 solved examples that guide your learning and more than 400 exercises, with answers, that help assess your understanding
  • Includes optional chapter appendixes
  • Comes with supporting materials online, including video tutorials and interactive graphs