A Community of Scholars: Impressions of the Institute for Advanced Study

    Contributions by
  • Michael Francis Atiyah
  • Chantal David
  • Freeman Dyson
  • Jane Fulcher
  • Peter Goddard
  • Barbara Kowalzig
  • Wolf Lepenies
  • Paul Moravec
  • Joan Wallach Scott
  • David H. Weinberg
    Photographs by
  • Serge J-F. Levy

The Institute for Advanced Study in essays and photos


Nov 27, 2011
9 x 9.5 in.
77 halftones.
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This beautifully illustrated anthology celebrates eighty years of history and intellectual inquiry at the Institute for Advanced Study, one of the world’s leading centers for theoretical research. Featuring essays by current and former faculty and members along with photographs by Serge J-F. Levy, the book captures the spirit of curiosity, freedom, and comradeship that is a hallmark of this unique community of scholars.

Founded in 1930 in Princeton, New Jersey, the institute encourages and supports fundamental research in the sciences and humanities—the original, often speculative thinking that can transform how we understand our world. Albert Einstein was among the first in a long line of brilliant thinkers to be affiliated with the institute. They include Kurt Gödel, George Kennan, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Erwin Panofsky, Homer A. Thompson, John von Neumann, and Hermann Weyl. This volume offers an intimate portrait in words and images of a storied institution that might best be described as a true academic village. The personal reflections collected here—written by leading figures from across the disciplines—bring this exceptional academic institution and its history vibrantly to life.

The contributors to this anthology are Michael Atiyah, Chantal David, Freeman Dyson, Jane F. Fulcher, Peter Goddard, Barbara Kowalzig, Wolf Lepenies, Paul Moravec, Joan Wallach Scott, and David H. Weinberg.